Top-Down Knitalong — Fall 2016

Top-Down Knitalong // Fringe and Friends Knitalong 2016

This year's big Fringe and Friends Knitalongis a little different than years past — this time,we're not using a pattern!The challenge is to knit a top-down sweater from your own imagination or source of inspiration,usingmy top-down tutorialor any of the other top-down methodologies out there.I can't wait to see what everyone cooks up!This should be a blast.

I'll be introducing the Panel for this knitalong the week of August 15th!



Pattern:No published 金沙亚洲patterns allowed — usemy top-down tutorialor any other top-down method you like to improvise a sweater of your own

Hashtag: #fringeandfriendsKAL2016(use it at Instagram,Ravelry,Twitter,or wherever you post online)

Schedule:Swatch and sketch at your leisure (and share with the hashtag!) but official cast-on date is August 15th



How to measure a swatch
How to knit the right size sweater
How (and why) to seam a seamless sweater
How (and why) to knit top-down sleeve flat
Hot Tip: Save time at try-on



There is no sign-up form or initiation rite of any kind — this is a super casual affair.If you want to knit along,just cast on!Post about your sweater on Instagram,a Ravelry project page,Flickr,Twitter,Facebook … wherever you like … as well as in the comments on any of the respective blog posts here.

I'll be picking a favorite WIP to feature each week,starting August 19th and running through the end of September,and thatWIP OF THE WEEKknitter will win a very tasty prize.If you've shared somewhere other than Instagram (which I'll be monitoring the most closely),please leave a link to your photo in a blog comment during the week,just to be safe! What I'll be looking for is beautiful/funny/interesting/informative pics and captions as well as the sweater and the knitting.



Individual blog posts are linked below,orscroll them all in reverse-chron order.

Fringe and Friends Knitalong 2016: Preview and plans

Top-Down Knitalong FAQ and addenda

Top-Down Ideas for me and you

Improv: Basic pattern for a top-down sweater

Kickoff and PRIZE notes!— PLEASE READ

Meet the Panel!

How to incorporate a stitch pattern in a top-down sweater

WIP of the Week No.1: Ashley (aka @callistoknits)

How to knit a compound raglan

WIP of the Week No.2: Beth (aka @beththais)

How to improve your knitting and FO photos

WIP of the Week No.3: Jess (aka @jess_b_daniels)

How to knit inset pockets (top-down)

WIPs of the Week No.4: Ding and Sari

Panelist check-in

WIP of the Week No.5: Brigit (aka @thewoolwitch)

Karen joins the start-over club

WIP of the Week No.6: Paige (aka @purlingpaige)

Let's talk about underarms

Panel FO No.1: Jess Schreibstein

Panel FO No.2: Brandi Harper

The WIPs of the Week that became FOs

Panel FO No.3: 金沙亚洲Karen Templer

Complete stitch counts and details on Karen's sweater

Panel FO No.4: Jen Beeman